About Us

In Noida and Delhi-NCR’s car business, Ved Arya is a name that is related with that ever-smiling face, trust and dependability.

For the last 41 years, Ved Arya’s Noida Car Bazaar has catered to millions of happy customers.

Now India Car Bazaar will help as a digital partner of Noida Car Bazaar as customers’ behaviour is changing used-car market dynamics in a price-conscious market like India.

Used cars today have more societal acceptance as people have understood the concept of cost depreciation in a new car by 30% in the first year of the purchase itself. Therefore, any buyer finds a used car as a better option that meets their price sensitivity and value consciousness.


There is a lack of trust in the Indian used car market. Promises are not kept, cars are not valued properly, cars are not serviced before handing over to customers and a lot more. Not with Mr Ved Arya, the most respected name in the Indian used-car market in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon

Quality Over Quantity

Choose from the best pre-owned cars. Therefore, we do not sell or buy millions of cars, but just the ones which pass our inspection test. Buy from India Car Bazaar with guarantee, drive away with peace of mind.

Automotive Expertise

For professional automobile assessments and purchase guidance, contact our test-drive professionals, or connect with other experts in our question-and-answer forum.

Best Deals First

Each vehicle is assigned a discount rating ranging from good to pricey by India Car Bazaar, and organic search results are organized appropriately. The finest deals from the best dealers are always displayed at the top of these search results.

Consumer-First Mentality

We work hard to give our users the most transparent and trustworthy experience possible, and we’ve proven that it also works for dealers. That is why we have over 40,000 dealers in our network and more listings on our site than any other prominent online automotive marketplace in India.

Information Transparency

See hard-to-find data right up front, like if a car’s been in an accident, had a price drop, or been sitting on the lot.