The car industry in India is growing every year, and there are many new models on the road. As the next generation enters the workforce, they would want to have a lifestyle that represents them. And of course, people would want to sell their old cars in order to get newer models. There are many people who are looking to buy and sell cars, but don’t have a trusted avenue to do so or don’t know what car to zero in on as their choice. In this article, we will explain to you the different types of cars people have to help you make an informed decision.

Different Types of Cars in India


If you are looking for a car that is popular in India and has a rear door that opens into a spacious room into the backseat, then the hatchback is an option you should consider. Hatchbacks have become quite popular among Indian consumers due to their practicality.

For example, hatchbacks can fit into tight parking spots since their doors are smaller than those of sedans or SUVs. They’re perfect for a city such as Delhi where there are plenty of cars on the road. If you’re looking to buy used cars in Delhi NCR, a hatchback should definitely be on your list.

They also offer more cargo space than traditional sedans because they have a flat floor between the front seats and rear cargo area.


A sedan is a car with a closed passenger compartment for four or more passengers. Sedans were once considered the most prestigious cars, though now they’re generally cheaper than SUVs and minivans. If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank yet still offers lots of comfort and convenience features—and looks stylish to boot—a sedan might be right up your alley.

The most popular sedans in India include:

 -Maruti Ciaz -Hyundai Verna -Maruti Dzire -Tata Tigor -Honda City 

In a formal, technical tone:

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

Understandably, SUVs are very popular in India. The country’s roads are not always the safest, and SUVs offer a sense of security for their passengers. They also tend to be bigger and better equipped than most passenger cars, making them more comfortable for long-distance driving.

But what exactly is an SUV? How does it differ from other types of vehicles? And what makes them so popular in India?

SUV stands for “sports utility vehicle.” It’s a type of car that’s based on a truck platform (usually) but has four doors and seats fewer people than a sedan. They’re known to be very comfortable in rough terrain because they come with features like all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and lots of cargo space. SUVs usually have more interior volume than other body styles such as hatchbacks or wagons, which makes them ideal for families and people who need extra room.

When it comes to selling used cars online, SUVs top the chart in terms of cars that are available on sale.

Because SUVs are built on truck chassis, they’re often more rugged and durable than other types of vehicles. This makes them great for off-road driving or if you happen to get stuck in bad weather conditions. SUVs also tend to carry more cargo than cars with similar dimensions because the roof is higher up, and the trunk area is larger.

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MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle)

A multi-utility vehicle (MUV) is a car that is a combination of an SUV and MUV. It’s a car that’s used for both personal and business purposes.

MUV cars are also used for off-road driving, taking your kids to school, going on long road trips, and more.

In India, popular SUV models like the Mahindra Quanto and the Tata Sumo have their own versions called MUVs as well.

What are the different MUV cars in India? MUV cars are divided into two categories: 

SUVs and MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles). While SUVs are used for off-roading, MPVs are meant for long drives. Some popular MUV models include the Toyota Innova Crysta, Tata Hexa, Maruti Ertiga, and more.

There are many kinds of cars that people can choose.

You can choose from a variety of cars and body types, each with its advantages, disadvantages, and price range.

  • Sports cars are generally two-door vehicles with low seating positions and relatively lightweight and powerful engines. They’re usually priced higher than other car types but offer good performance and handling characteristics.
  • Convertibles have an open roof structure as opposed to a fixed roof but still have doors for access to the cabin. They’re typically more expensive than standard cars due to their high-end equipment (such as sound systems), luxury materials used in the interior (leather seats), and attractive design elements such as air conditioning units that can be operated remotely by buttons on the dashboard’s control panel or voice command spoken by passengers inside the vehicle. Everything is specified by law enforcement agencies across India where safety rules apply most stringently so far as human life is concerned.


The car body types discussed above are just some of the most common ones. There are many other types such as estate cars, MPVs or multipurpose vehicles, and other kinds of cars that people can choose from. The main thing to remember is that when you go shopping for a new car, make sure it fits your needs and lifestyle! 

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